Freedom of Movement is a Capitalist Right

Glitched photography of the Tent number 656 on the Lesbos refugee camp, in July 2021.

Digital Glitch + CRT scan ;
Video Loop 13s ;
1080x1080 px

Photo from Refugee Camp in Lesbos by Milad E.

Rui Major

Rui Major’s work portrays skateboarding and underground cultures themes, around identity, technology and subcultures.

Through data moshing, glitching and corrupting files he melts the images into complex coloured digital abstractions, creating a space between reality and this living contorted compositions.

Embracing the trial and error process of destroying files, Major seeks to find a dialogue between the identifiable elements of reality and the visceral reactions of pixels, defying the viewer to echo with what he feels, he sees and he knows.