Freedom of Movement is a Capitalist Right

The brushstroke — in its various manifestations — is the singular tool of communication that is encountered in paintings and drawings throughout all epochs and places. At the core of the primordial personal and artistic practice that has led to the creation of the work is a preoccupation with the study and exploration of the act of creating a painting, from the perspective of this most essential act — the process of making of a line — as opposed to the study of the painting itself — the artistic object.

The work emphasizes the relation between tactile-physical and perceptual-cultural elements in the process of creation, informed by the artist’s practice of painting with computer and robotic technologies. During the working process, organic practices and machine-based systems are used to create new works from physical actions (operation) and the mind (perception), in order to investigate the relation between these two seemingly opposing creative approaches.

Technical information: Simulated brushstroke, photopolymer print of the simulation, drypoint and photopolymer print on rice paper, mounted on canvas and painted over with oil paint, 50 x 40 cm. Photographed and digitally assembled. 2016.

Liat Grayver

Liat Grayver ist eine Berliner interdisziplinäre Malerin und Medienkünstlerin. Sie beschäftigt sich mit Methoden zur Neubestimmung einer der ursprünglichsten Formen der Kunst - der Malerei - in Zeiten der modernen Technologie. Sie ist Mitentwicklerin des bahnbrechenden Malroboterprojekts e-David und erforscht verschiedene Ansätze zur Integration von Roboter- und Computersprachen in die Prozesse der Malerei und der kreativen Bildgestaltung.